Welcome to my personal Wiki :)
My philosophy over the years is that it is important for each person to learn one new thing a day to grow in knowledge as well as challenges, or we run the risk of becoming stagnant. Even though I did not have a desire to "go back" to school, I tried to learn something new daily, whether it was in my job or within avenues in other areas of my life. Now that I am a student at LATI, I feel that I have pushed that philosophy to the max as I am learning more than one new thing each day! It has been a good decision, but also one of the hardest things I have committed to. Even parenting, as hard as it is and still rewarding, did not seem quite this hard. I have considered my time at LATI to be my job. Studying has never been easy for me, so finding myself back in school is actually crazy. I am a LATI student because my daughter encouraged me to get an OTA degree after I took early retirement from the USPS. I had taken a part time job working in our local school system as an ELL para and I loved it. Renae thought being an OTA would be a good fit for me. Without her encouragement, I really do not think I would have made this step.
My husband, 50, passed away suddenly 8 years ago from a heart attack. That began the most difficult period of my life, as well as for my children. I have three great kids--Andrew, a hospitalist practicing at Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, MN., Renae, a student at St. Augustine University in St. Augustine, FL., and Cassie, a student at Mankato State College in Mankato, MN.
When I started at LATI last Fall, working with children had been my career direction. Since my two one week Fieldworks, that has changed to include the possibility of working with the adult population. I am trying to leave myself open to specific areas of employment. As an OTA, I will work under an OT to develop and implement treatment activities to help my patients get back to the occupations that are important to them. It will be a wonderful opportunity to help others.